By the way #1

I lose my phone several times everyday. Or at least I think I do. Usually it’s in my hand. I really enjoy smoking cigarettes. I know it’s disgusting and unhealthy, but I like it. I don’t do it that often though, as I also really enjoy having functioning lungs. If I could eat one kind … [Read more…]

All the things I suck at

So apparently my written English is awful. At least that’s what a handful of my Danish readers weren’t shy to point out to me yesterday, and today (thanks guys). I mean, I knew I was out of practice and far from perfect, but I really had no idea of just how bad I am. Just … [Read more…]

Throwback #1

As I wrote in my first post yesterday I have been blogging for six, almost seven years on my Danish page, so there’s so much to fill you in on. So once in a while I’m going to do these Throwback-posts, where I translate one of my older Danish posts. The first one is from … [Read more…]

SnailCilly – Who, What, Why ? ? ?

So, what is this? SnailCilly is sort of a spin off or a sidekick to my Danish site, Sneglcille. Sneglcille translates to SnailCille. Snail as in, well, snail, and Cille which is short for my actual name Cecilie. Now, Cille isn’t easy to pronounce if you don’t speak Danish, and I really like the letter … [Read more…]